30 Oct 2014
October 30, 2014

The Importance of a Radiology Second Opinion

A second opinion can prevent medical misdiagnoses that often lead to unnecessary, costly and painful procedures. Medical misdiagnoses are also a leading cause of malpractice litigation. Learn more about the prevalence of misdiagnoses and how a second opinion on your radiology scan may prevent future heartache.




03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014

What is a Radiologist?

Doctors use a variety of tools in order to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases. Although a condition on the surface of the body can easily be seen by the naked eye, not all ailments are so easily identified. Many times a medical imaging technique is needed in order to peer inside of the body. That’s where a radiologist comes in.

Radiologists are specially trained medical doctors that use these medical imaging techniques in order to diagnose different conditions and diseases. After the condition has been diagnosed, the patient’s doctor can come up with a treatment plan that best suits the patient.

Learn more about radiologists and their role in health below.

Come learn more about who Radiologist are and what they do?

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The entire country takes doctors and specialists’ medical opinions seriously when it comes to the health and overall well-being of themselves and their loved ones. For a patient who shows early signs of a serious disease, or needs major surgery, individuals highly regard what their medical practitioner has to say and recommend. MRIs, CT scans, digital X-rays, mammograms, and other radiology tests all play an important role in today’s medical diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment plans.

However, for patients who have received treatment and haven’t seen an improvement in health, seeking a second opinion on CT scans and other radiology tests is ideal. In cases where patients aren’t seeing the results they had hoped for with their initial treatment course, a CAT scan second opinion can be an important step in getting to the root of the problem.

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis (source: http://www.ncpa.org/sub/dpd/index.php?Article_ID=23148), an estimated 10 to 20 percent of medical cases are misdiagnosed. Another report states that 28 percent of 583 diagnostic mistakes were life-threatening or had resulted in death or permanent disability.

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Medical imaging has significantly increased over the past 10 years – and radiation exposure along with it. This is especially true with CT scans (Computed Tomography). There is also significant overuse of scans, and this also adds to the added unnecessary radiation exposure.

Getting a second opinion on a scan – or having it re-read – can sometimes help avoid an unnecessary test. It is possible that the original recommendation was too aggressive or advised a followup regimen that isn’t warranted. Sometimes radiologists recommend additional scans when they aren’t needed. Having someone take a second look can’t hurt – and it may actually help reduce harmful radiation exposure.

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08 Aug 2012
August 8, 2012

Online Medical Second Opinion

There are many “online” or web-based medical second opinion services.  What is the difference between radiology second opinion services and other medical second opinion services?  Why would someone choose a radiology second opinion service over other types?  Here is more information on the topic:

Second opinions in medicine are very important – as patients’ diagnoses are not always clear cut.  In these circumstances, a second – or even third opinion – can be very helpful and shed some light on the diagnostic possibilities.

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