MetisMD’s Services are Hassle-free and Affordable

MetisMD’s Services are Hassle-free and Affordable

PatientConnect Second Opinion Report

  • MRI, CT, PET, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiograms: $250.
  • X-ray and Ultrasound: $150.
  • Expedited Service: $50. Receive your report in less than 24 hours.
  • Comparison Exams: $50 per comparison study. We’ll compare your exam to prior studies of the same type and body section.
  • Multiple Exam Discount: If you have multiple exams you would like us to review (>2) we can offer a discounted price. Please contact us with details of your order so that we can offer a discounted rate for you.
  • Verbal Report: $150. If you do not need or want a full written report, we can offer you only a verbal review/phone consultation with a radiologist. A written report can be added after this review for an extra $100 if desired. (Only provided directly for patients. Legal reviews are offered at a different fee schedule.

Comparison Studies

$50 per comparison.





GlobalConnect Translation

$100 per report


Legal Fees

$500/hour (1 hour minimum)





For discounted rates when ordering multiple exams or services, please contact us for a customized bill.