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    Direct access to leading radiologists so that you have accurate, thorough, and detailed information about your tests to help you and your doctor pursue the most beneficial treatment plan.

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    Radiology Second Opinions

    Knowledge is Power.


    MetisMD puts health care back in the hands of patients. We provide detailed reports and personalized consultations that you can't get anywhere else.

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    The leading online source for

    Second Opinions in Radiology


    We offer direct access from anywhere in the world to a network of leading radiologists who can re-read your MRI, CT, X-ray, Mammogram, or any other radiology test.

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“Dr. Goldstein & MetisMD went above and beyond to make certain I had an accurate Second Opinion and Detailed Report re: my PET Scan. I would highly recommend MetisMD to anyone. Thank you for an outstanding job!” — LEIGH, Patient

“MetisMD’s Second-Opinion Service was a HUGE help for me. There were important findings that my initial report didn’t mention – and were essential to my treatment. From now on, I only want a MetisMD radiologist to read my exams. Thank you MetisMD.” — NORMAN, Patient

“(We) contacted MetisMD to get a second opinion…If I hadn’t followed through with it, I would have been treated with potentially dangerous side effects… I am extremely grateful for MetisMD ‘s second opinion.” — LAUREN, Patient

“I went for a MRI scan after experiencing severe lower back pain. The doctors told me everything looked normal, but I couldn’t help but wonder why I was still having so much discomfort. I uploaded my scans to MetisMD for a second opinion, and after sifting through the 194 images, the radiologist identified a bulging nerve that the initial read had missed. With the correct diagnosis finally in hand, I was finally able to treat the pain.” — HELMUT, Patient