Radiology Second Opinions


Empowering Patients with Essential Information

Knowing more can help you make better decisions about your care and treatment options. That’s why we offer Connected RadiologySM – a comprehensive, personalized approach to radiologic secondary reviews, designed to empower patients like you.

Why a Radiology Second Opinion?

Because patients rarely have access to the doctors who actually read their scans, MetisMD provides a fresh perspective when patients or their doctors are confused or unsure of a diagnosis.

  • Most patients never get to speak with the radiologist that read their scan. Your doctor may not discuss or review the details of the scan beyond it being “normal” or “abnormal”. It could be from lack of time and/or knowledge.
  • We put FRESH EYES to the actual scan images, not to the original radiology report. This fills a glaring void in the doctor-patient relationship.
  • We walk patients through every aspect of their scan – on the phone and virtually by sharing our computer screen with you, so that we can point out the findings in real time.
  • Our second opinion doctors are experienced at communicating in a language that you can understand.

MetisMD has a proven track record of providing second opinions that empower patients to seek the right path in today’s confusing healthcare maze.

  • All of our radiologists were trained at top U.S. medical schools and practice at leading U.S. medical centers, allowing us to provide the most expert opinion.
  • Several of our patients have avoided unnecessary, painful, and costly medical treatments as a result of our services. Others have discovered for the first time the real cause of their debilitating pain or illness, allowing them to seek effective treatment.
  • Whether you need a surgery second opinion or a just want to be certain that nothing was missed by your physician, MetisMD is your teleradiology solution.

Medical Errors are Common – Here are some statistics.

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