Connected RadiologySM Options for Your Confidence


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Get a second opinion, achieve peace of mind. MetisMD provides you with an in-depth written report of our findings with comparisons to previous radiology exams, if applicable.


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Need an expert opinion to evaluate radiologic images and records? MetisMD’s U.S. based, board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians can provide you with precise verbal and/or written opinions, expert witnesses for depositions and/or trial testimony, and detailed patient record reviews.


MetisMD CompConnectLearn More & View Pricing

Our expert subspecialists can provide you with Age of Injury Reports (AOI) for work-related injuries. We work to assess whether specific findings are acute, sub-acute or chronic, delivering accurate Age Scores. In addition, we provide information not typically covered in original radiology reports.


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Contact us for more information or to schedule a peer review.


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If you have multiple scans and would like access to a variety of services through MetisMD, we offer an annual subscription model for our second opinion services.


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Our physicians can read radiology scans from anywhere in the world. Should you need a report translated into another language, we offer translation services.


MetisMD ReferralConnectFree

If you need a referral to an imaging center, medical provider or specialists near you*, please contact us.

*ReferralConnect services currently offered for the Chicagoland area only. We are working to expand our referral service in order to better serve our patients in the future.


MetisMD ReportReview$75

If you’re confused about what your original radiology report might say or mean, one of our expert physicians will review the primary report with you, taking the time to explain terminology and discuss findings*.

*This service does not include reviewing or re-reviewing images and is only for purposes of helping to clarify your original report.