Our Technology

Radiology Technology

Using the latest “in the Cloud” technology, MetisMD’s customized teleradiology solution meets stringent HIPAA compliance and offers global accessibility

Whether at the Hospital, Imaging Center, on the road, or at home, MetisMD’s Radiologists have access to their cases anywhere, anytime.

  • Your privacy is our concern: HIPAA-compliant SSL/IPsec encryption and authentication technology is implemented anytime a study is sent or received. After 60 days, your studies are permanently removed from our servers.
  • Securely located in an access-restricted telecom facility, MetisMD’s dedicated servers are closely guarded. Any access is monitored and logged: we always know who did what.
  • Every imaging study is securely transferred to MetisMD’s cloud-based dedicated server using state- of-the-art encryption technology.

Designed by Radiologists for Radiologists

Through our unique partnerships, we can help your practice jump into the 21st century with a completely web-based teleradiology solution.