Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We work diligently to ensure the quality of our reads surpasses your expectations.

Here’s what some of our patients think of their MetisMD experience.


MRI Second Opinions: Testimonials

It’s not just an opinion—it’s about your life. The MRI second opinion is a critical read on your health. Nothing short of accuracy will do.

At MetisMD, your health concerns drive everything we do. We work diligently to ensure that the quality of our work surpasses your expectations. Our radiology second opinion doesn’t merely give you answers. It offers you in-depth analysis and actionable insights.

Researching where to obtain your MRI second opinion online? Before you decide, be sure to read what our patients say about their MetisMD experience.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Goldstein & MetisMD went above and beyond to make certain I had an accurate Second Opinion and detailed report regarding my PET Scan. I would highly recommend MetisMD to anyone. Thank you for an outstanding job.” — LEIGH

“MetisMD’s second opinion service was a HUGE help for me. There were important findings that my initial report didn’t mention—and [which] were essential to my treatment. From now on, I only want a MetisMD radiologist to read my exams. Thank you MetisMD.”— NORMAN

“[We] contacted MetisMD to get a second opinion… If I hadn’t followed through with it, I would have been treated with potentially dangerous side effects… I am extremely grateful for MetisMD ‘s second opinion.— LAUREN

“I went for a MRI scan after experiencing severe lower back pain. The doctors told me everything looked normal, but I couldn’t help but wonder why I was still having so much discomfort. I uploaded my scans to MetisMD for a second opinion, and after sifting through the 194 images, the radiologist identified a bulging nerve that the initial read had missed. With the correct diagnosis finally in hand, I was finally able to treat the pain.”— HELMUT

“I’m a suburban Chicago police detective. Earlier this year, I injured my left knee in the line of duty. I was in constant pain, but after an MRI, my doctor told me everything looked normal, and that the pain would ease with time. Weeks went by and the pain didn’t subside. Barely able to walk, I uploaded my original MRI scan to MetisMD for a second opinion. The radiologist I connected with took a look at the same scan but came away with a very different diagnosis. He discovered a “loose body” behind my knee that was causing all the pain and required surgery.  I was able to take his findings back to my physician and am finally on the road to recovery.”— MIKE

“About a year ago I started to experience severe abdominal pain accompanied by bowel problems. I went to my local cancer center where they conducted a CT scan of my adnominal and pelvic area. They told me everything looked normal. I also had a colonoscopy and once again, the physician told me I was all clear, but knew my body was telling me something. My pain became so severe that I went to the Emergency Room, where I had an abnormal EKG, abnormal labs, abnormal blood pressure and another CT Scan. I spent six days in the hospital with pain so bad I was nearly passing out, yet the radiologists and GI physician insisted all my scans were normal.

“That’s when I decided to seek a second opinion and uploaded my original scan to MetisMD. The wonderful radiologist I worked with confirmed what I had suspected for some time—there was something wrong. I had a mass in my bowel tract.

“I took the new analysis to my primary care physician, who agreed with the findings. I underwent surgery and doctors removed a benign fatty tumor. Since the surgery, my health has improved significantly. It’s so important for people to listen to their bodies and keep trying to get answers. I can’t stress enough the value of going to MetisMD, the only place to accurately analyze my scan and identify my problem.”— VIVIAN


“The experts at MetisMD are an indispensable resource for our personal injury and Worker’s Compensations cases. Their integrity and their professionalism are top notch.” — ROBERT, Attorney