Let us help with your Workers’ Compensation Case

Let us help with your Workers’ Compensation Case

Whether your job is in an office, warehouse, indoors or outdoors, injuries in the workplace are common and can happen to anyone. We can help by giving you an objective unbiased second opinion reading on your scan.

Getting a second opinion on MRI scans, CT scans (CAT scans), and other radiology tests is important for establishing your case, especially since there is a significant degree of error in the interpretation of radiology tests among experts, according to a 2012 report cited by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The volume and complexity of the information provided to radiologists has increased in recent years, exacerbating the problem of oversights and misinterpretations. “Given the complexity of newer imaging modalities, particularly CT and MR, it is now commonplace for the interpretation of clinical images to take longer than the process of acquiring them,” says the report.

MetisMD is a hassle-free and affordable service that empowers you with essential information about your case.

  • You may not need to find another specialist, wait for an appointment, or take repeat tests that insurance typically won’t pay for.
  • Our Doctors are accessible anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • Our radiologists are Board Certified and fellowship trained in radiology specialties from leading U.S. medical centers.
  • We use secure technology and follows the exact same privacy practices as your doctor’s office.

For Legal and Insurance Professionals we can provide a Radiology “IME”, Diagnostic Film Review, or Age of Injury Report (AOI) through our CompConnect Services. Please contact us for more information.

The complex, multi-faceted nature of interpreting radiology scans means that having a radiology second opinion can only strengthen your case. Whether you need an MRI second opinion or another view on any other radiology exam, MetisMD is your expert online radiologist.

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